Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is my preferred therapeutic method of treatment, especially for conditions such as depression, grief and loss, panic, phobias, life transitions and anxiety. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a specific, therapeutic method of communication that helps individuals find relief from psychological pain. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is based on the theories and techniques of Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Theory. The idea behind psychodynamic psychotherapy is that the patient is able to bring their true feelings to the surface, so they can understand them, fully experience them, and resolve issues surrounding them.

Based on Psychoanalytic Theory, much of what we belief, think, and feel is experienced unconsciously, sometimes referred to as the subconscious mind. These feelings are too difficult or painful to face directly, so at a very early age, a number of defense mechanisms are erected so that we do not have do deal with these issues and feelings directly. A few of these defense mechanisms are denial, repression, intellectualization, and projection. Sometimes defense mechanisms can be healthy, but if there is impairment in a person’s work or personal life, quite often these defense mechanisms are causing problems that need to be addressed. The idea is that once you begin to unravel things and working them through, they are less painful and a person can be more contented.


Since each person is unique, with unique problems, there is no way to address this issue without an evaluation. Sometimes psychoanalytically oriented therapy is quite brief; sometimes it is a bit longer. The idea to feel better as soon as possible.


After a course of psychodynamic psychotherapy has been completed, the patient should be able to handle difficulties and general stress in a more adaptive manner. Personal relationships, including intimate relationships are improved. There is greater satisfaction and productivity at work. Overall, there is a stabilization in mood and improved insight into feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

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