Social Phobia

Social phobia can be difficult to decipher. Sometimes this disorder is misread as shyness or a lack of self-esteem, but true social phobia has much more far-reaching repercussions. Overcoming social phobia is not simply a matter of “coming out of your shell.” That said, it is a treatable condition, and if you believe you are suffering from social phobia, I can help.

The root of social phobia is often a fear of judgment from others. This fear of scrutiny, ridicule, or assessment leads to withdrawal from social situations. For some sufferers, the fear is largely with situations involving strangers, but for others, even familiar situations can cause anxiety. This can lead to problems with relationships, family, and work, and potentially to withdrawing from all social activities. Being social is a fundamental component of wellness, and social phobia can be overcome.

Do you experience strong emotions or sensations (including blushing, nausea, or trembling) in any of the following types of situations?

  • Parties where there will be a large group of people you don’t know
  • Consuming a meal in public
  • Interacting with new people
  • Speaking in public
  • Using public restrooms

While nobody feels completely comfortable all the time—for example, speaking in public is hardly an easy feat for many people—if you’re suffering from social phobia, fears of judgment from others can be crippling.

You do not need to let these fears rule your life. Therapeutic strategies can help you to overcome social phobia. Techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy can help you to spot and recognize thoughts that are triggers for anxiety. Using visualization techniques to walk through hypothetical situations that cause anxiety can also help you to recognize ways that your anxieties can be managed in real situations. You can overcome your fears, and I can help.

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