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Defense Mechanism of The Week: Sublimination

The “Good” Defense Sublimination is often seen as the “good” defense in psychological and popular thinking. By definition, sublimination represents a creative, healthy, and socially acceptable way of expressing internal conflicts. Originally, Freud stated that sublimination was the expression of … Continue reading

Defense mechanism of The Week: Introjection

What is It? At its simplest, introjection is the process of misunderstanding the feelings that come from the outside as coming from the inside. Although introjection tends to be a more primitive defense, it can sometimes be used in a … Continue reading

Defense Mechanism of the Week: Intellectualization

Intellectualization occurs when reasoning and logic are used unconsciously to control internal conflict and emotional anxiety. People who intellectualize talk about feelings in a way that strikes the listener as emotionless. For example, if a man talks about “feeling rage” … Continue reading

Defense Mechanism of the Week: Projection

Newport Beach, Orange County– What is projection?  What does it mean for someone to project his or her feelings onto someone else?  Simply put, projection is the misunderstood perception that feelings that in reality come from the inside are coming … Continue reading

Defense Mechanism of the Week: Repression

What is Repression?  In essence, it is motivated ignoring or forgetting for protection of the Ego.  This is the defense mechanism that first fascinated Freud, and has been studied in depth by therapists and psychoanalysts ever since.   Another way to … Continue reading