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Does the Gender of Children Predict Divorce?

Researchers have known that in the U.S. couples with daughters are somewhat more likely to divorce than couples with sons. This knowledge has led many scholars to imply that daughters cause divorce. However, new research from Duke University suggests something … Continue reading

Can a Software Model Really Predict Risk of Depression Relapse?

Jennifer’s Take: The following article describes an computer model that attempts to predict which individuals are likely to have recurrent depression over their lifetime as opposed to those that that are likely to go through a Depression only once.  These … Continue reading

Imaging Shows Bipolar Link to Risk-taking

Jennifer’s Take: Although I find this research fascinating and invaluable in understanding the brain of  individuals suffering from Bipolar Disorder on a neurological level, the ultimate findings of this research replicates what psychotherapists and other mental health clinicians have always … Continue reading

Interrupted Sleep Can Be As Harmful As No Sleep

Jennifer’s Take: As a mother of a one-year-old I can emotionally relate to everything in this study!  Unless you are a new parent, it can be difficult to understand the chronic stress that occurs with not only adjusting to a … Continue reading