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How Grief Can Kill You

The intense emotional pain of losing a spouse can take a terrible toll psychologically, especially in the case of couples that have been in long-term marriages. But can grief actually trigger a heart attack? Science has recently confirmed what our … Continue reading

The Aftermath of Penn State: How to Talk to Your Children about Sex and Sexual Abuse

How do you talk to your children about sex and avoiding dangerous people that might hurt them? At what age? Years ago, parents would have a “talk” about the birds and the bees with their children, explaining the mechanics of … Continue reading

The Misconceptions about Marriage and about Being Single

There can be a lot of stigma to single life, especially in Orange County, with its family-oriented values and norms. It can be especially difficult in the cities of South Orange County, Irvine and Newport Beach, where it can seem … Continue reading

How to identify the sources of stress

Managing your stress begins with identifying the sources of stress in your life. Easier said that done, right? Finding out the real sources of your stress isn’t always easy. It is simple to overlook your own stress inducing thoughts, feelings … Continue reading

New Years Resolutions

It’s that time. Again. The New Year is upon us and we look back at all the things we set out to accomplish in 2011 and look ahead at what we plan to accomplish in 2012. Unfortunately, often our New … Continue reading