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What is Self-Psychology?

In the 1960’s, psychologists began to notice that there were a group of patients that were not well described by current Freudian, Cognitive Behavioral, or Ego Psychology models. These patients seemed empty and devoid of internal objects, and came to … Continue reading

Defense Mechanism of The Week: Withdrawal

What is it? When an infant is overstimulated or distressed, it will often fall asleep. Adult versions of the same process can be observed in people who retreat from social or interpersonal situations when there is conflict, going into an … Continue reading

Defense Mechanism of The Week: Regression

Newport Beach, Orange County- What is regression? If you have ever watched a toddler start to act like an infant right after a new sibling is born, then you are familiar with the defense mechanism of regression.  The truth is, … Continue reading

Defense Mechanism of the Week: Projection

Newport Beach, Orange County– What is projection?  What does it mean for someone to project his or her feelings onto someone else?  Simply put, projection is the misunderstood perception that feelings that in reality come from the inside are coming … Continue reading

What Is Online Counseling, and Is There a Place for It in the Therapeutic Milieu?

What is Online Therapy? Online therapy, through videoconferencing with Skpe and other encrypted digital software makes it possible to access a mental health professional remotely and to have a session over video. This type of online counseling is also known … Continue reading