New Years Resolutions

It’s that time. Again. The New Year is upon us and we look back at all the things we set out to accomplish in 2011 and look ahead at what we plan to accomplish in 2012. Unfortunately, often our New Year’s resolutions tend to mimic each other year after year. What is it about that list that makes it so unmanageable and how can you break the cycle of unaccomplished goals year after year?

Make a Realistic Resolution List

Setting realistic goals for the year is paramount to your success. By keeping your list of accomplishments to small, bite sized pieces you can increase the odds of your success. Instead of trying to lose 100 pounds, shoot for half that. Instead of a full reconstruction of your life, find a few smaller aspects that you can realistically work on. For example, if you would love to pursue a passion for writing, don’t add to the list ‘write an epic novel,’ instead add ‘write an article for a local newspaper.’ Try it out. Start with one of your larger goals and then break it up into smaller more manageable pieces.

Make a Dream List

After you have finished your realistic resolution list, create a separate list of goals that are much loftier. These are things that you don’t really consider realistically accomplishing in a year, but having a wish or two that you would love to see happen can keep you looking ahead in life.

Don’t Watch the Calendar

Your New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t feel like work. Don’t get bogged down in the day to day management of your resolutions. Instead, keep a loose eye on your progress, checking in every 1-2 months to identify your progress. A watched pot doesn’t boil.

Success Can Be Small

Just because you didn’t accomplish everything on your list doesn’t mean that you have failed. Even if you haven’t achieved any of your goals on the list doesn’t mean you aren’t a success. Acknowledging the smaller accomplishments both on and off your resolution list sets you up for greater success. By having a realistic list you can accomplish will allow you to identify those things you have succeeded at throughout the year. Life is an organic, exciting journey that moves and evolves for us.

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