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Interrupted Sleep Can Be As Harmful As No Sleep

Jennifer’s Take: As a mother of a one-year-old I can emotionally relate to everything in this study!  Unless you are a new parent, it can be difficult to understand the chronic stress that occurs with not only adjusting to a … Continue reading

What is An Emotional Affair?

An Affair of the Heart Sexuality infidelity is pretty cut and dry; one partner steps outside the bounds of the relationship and engages in sexual activity with someone other than their spouse. Emotional infidelity can be defined as having emotional … Continue reading

Attachment, Couples, and Adult Relationships

How the “Attachment Bond” Influences Our Adult Relationships Have you ever felt strongly, deeply connected to someone for whom you would do anything? It is called being “In Love,” and ideally we have all experienced it. You probably tend to … Continue reading

When does Healthy Self-Regard Turn into Narcissism?

A certain amount of self-regard is healthy. Clearly low self-worth causes psychological pain and suffering, but when does high self-regard turn into Narcissism? Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPR) is a form of pathological narcissism recognized by the DSM-V and first recognized by … Continue reading