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Can a Software Model Really Predict Risk of Depression Relapse?

Jennifer’s Take: The following article describes an computer model that attempts to predict which individuals are likely to have recurrent depression over their lifetime as opposed to those that that are likely to go through a Depression only once.  These … Continue reading

Defense Mechanism of The Week: Sublimination

The “Good” Defense Sublimination is often seen as the “good” defense in psychological and popular thinking. By definition, sublimination represents a creative, healthy, and socially acceptable way of expressing internal conflicts. Originally, Freud stated that sublimination was the expression of … Continue reading

When Is Sexting Cheating?

Think long and hard before you press that send button. In mid-2010, Rep Anthony Weiner (D-NY) announced that he was resigned from Congress as a result of “tweeting” nude, and perhaps even lewd, photos of himself to several women who … Continue reading

What is Co-Dependency?

Although there is no diagnosis for Co-Dependency in the DSM-V (the diagnostic manual most often used by clinicians) it can be a useful concept in understanding how some individuals involved in relationships with alcoholic or abusive spouses are often suffering … Continue reading

Can Listening to Music Relieve Pain?

A growing number of researchers are starting to use music in clinical settings as an analgesic to pain. At the very least, it takes the patient’s mind off of the pain (think earbuds during a long jog), and now scientists … Continue reading